Gila Brown,  Parent Coach,  310.497.7461
“The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what do to.” -- John Holt, How Children Fail
Gila's insight and advice got us to firmer ground from which to make better parenting decisions to handle the various issues presented to us in raising three boys. She helped us cut through the clutter and got us to focus on the important things that produced positive changes in our family.
~ Doug & Jennifer M., Los Angeles, CA

I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with Gila over the last 12 weeks. The experience has been transformative; not just for my family, but for me personally. Gila has sweetly challenged my assumptions about my children and parenting and provided me with a different way of thinking—a new approach. I am now much more interested in being with my girls and developing a loving connection with them, as opposed to maintaining a traditional parent-child dynamic and forcing them to adhere to my unconscious notions of "appropriate" teenage behavior. The gift of Gila is conscious parenting and the ability to create a family that is loving, supportive and encouraging.
~ Diane S., Upland, CA

Honoring and respecting my children teaches them to honor and respect themselves-and me. What a tremendous gift Gila has given me and my family. A million thanks!
~ Nicole R., Dallas, TX

I wanted to be able to guide and teach my child in a manner that did not include spanking. Gila has shown me other ways to guide my boys in a manner that can build a closer relationship with them. Working with her, has brought to light how important it is to communicate with kids even at a very young age. (They understand more than I thought.) I'm learning to view them as individuals with their own temperamants than just pesky children who misbehave. I would have never had the courage to make these changes without Gila's guidance and support. No matter the topic or situation discussed, Gila is always supportive and I always feel better after I speak with her.
~ S.H., CA

Gila was a wonderful listener and was very insightful, helping me with immediate solutions to some of my toughest parenting issues. She is great at what she does and has a fantastic newsletter and blog as well. I recommend her to all parents seeking focused, specific solutions to their parenting struggles. I feel lighter, like I don't have quite as much of a burden of parenting to bear. It feels good to let go of the battle.
~ Kelli V., Woodland Hills, CA

Gila gave us much more confidence in dealing with parenting issues. She's extremely knowledgeable and informative about specific problems that we have had with our daughter. Also, to learn that other parents were dealing with some of the exact same issues gave us an enormous amount of re-assurance. No matter how difficult or trivial the parenting issue; all parents could benefit from advice from Gila, a knowledgable, experienced professional.
~William Marsh, Valley Village, CA

Thank you so much for the personal attention and advice, and the reassurance that we are doing it right. Sometimes we as parents only need that (from an outside source) once in a while.
~ E.E., Raleigh, NC

We first contacted Gila out of desperation. We were really struggling dealing with our kids. We have a 15 year old, a 4 year old and a 3 year old and we just really weren't enjoying being parents anymore as our relationships with our kids was just not good. Through working with Gila she has really taught us how to understand our kid's behavior and how to respond to them effectively. So, through working with her we are now effectively communicating with our children. We're better able to handle them and just to understand them. Our relationship with our 15 year old has really improved and we seem to be developing a foundation for trusting one another, which was really an issue before. And, he's learning self-motivation and responsibility through this whole experience. I'm actually enjoying spending time with my kids again so for that, we thank you Gila.
~ Stephanie D., Los Angeles, CA

Thank you so very much for making the time and space in your life to talk with me! Thank you for your email and for thoughtfully including the recap of some steps I can take to change things for the better. The thoughts you've shared have been very helpful and have already made a difference. I feel a release of sorts from the ‘mommy martyr' (my words, not yours) thing I think I had going on there. Hey, it happens... but I think that's in the past now and I'm moving on! I notice that I am once again truly enjoying this amazing gift of motherhood (and womanhood) that I'm living. I'm catching myself smiling more and I'm sure my family appreciates that too. You had a very gentle way of encouraging me to lighten-up (and lighten my load) and I guess I needed to hear that. So thank you Gila and many blessings to your family too! God bless you and the work you are doing! :)
~ Sheryl, Mother of 2

Gila brought a refreshingly new approach to take the struggle out of parenting. Her suggestion that we first seek to understand what our child is asking for (needs) and then empower them to problem solve on their own gives them choices and control over the situation. It's a life long lesson they will (hopefully) thank us for later.
~ Synthia Praglin, Parent Education, Kenter Canyon Elementary Los Angeles, CA

Your teaching style, coupled with your warmth and manner, all contributed to Josh thriving. We thank you and wish you all the best. You will be missed.
~ Ellen & Curtis W., Santa Monica, CA Parents of Josh

Thanks for your wonderful guidance with Nick. To say that he has a favorite teacher, speaks volumes.
~ Ron K., Calabassas, CA Father of Nick

Gila has masterfully managed a diversity of age groups and skillfully led discussions on different subjects. Children respect her and are engaged in the discussion and in learning...
~ Carla Fantozzi, Museum Education Director Beverly Hills, CA